ATCEI History 1

Alirezaei Trade Center (ATCEI) history

The Alirezaei Trade Exp & Imp (ATEI) was established in 1984 aimed to provide services in Export-Import to manufacturers, distributors, and companies In Iran. The ATEI changed name to Alirezaei Trade Center Exp & Imp (ATCEI) in 1994. The Centre currently provides services in three fields through the following departments:

International Export and Sales Department

The International Export and Sales department was launched in 2015 to boost services in export and provide appropriate approaches for sales in the global market. Employing modern and traditional approaches, the department acts as an international trader for local producers and distributors, with emphasis on technologic and industrial products.

ATCEI History 2

International Import and Supplying Department

With experienced representatives and agents in several countries, this section is involved in international trades, supplying, respecting and practicing all principles in international trades, and protecting the interests and benefits of our local customers.

China is the most important trading partner for Iran. Therefore, ATCEI founded an international office in 2011 in the exhibition town Guangzhou.

ATCEI History 3

Customs and Clearance Department

This section has been operating since 1993 as official customs broker in all of Iran’s customs.